Cursor does not move left/right using touchpad on 2.6.22-20080123.4 and newer master kernels

Ixo X oxI ixo at
Fri May 2 11:14:40 EDT 2008

   I am one of the support-gang volunteer, and a recent startup "XO Repair
Center".  And I was shipped a XO for repair..  which has this this exact
problem.  It is original build 656.

It is untouched since I received it, and reproduce the problem at anytime.
The 'four-finger-touchpad-reset' does not fix the problem.  USB mouse works

If I can do any reporting or testing to help diagnose the problem, I'd be
happy to collect data. I was also thinking this laptop could be a good
candidate for dissembly, and can take special notes, troubleshooting,  or
pictures if needed.

On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 8:00 AM, Andres Salomon <dilinger at> wrote:

> On Thu, 1 May 2008 23:38:15 -0400
> "Denver Gingerich" <denver at> wrote:
> > On 2.6.22-20080123.4 and newer master kernels (specifically
> > 2.6.22-20080123.4, 2.6.25-20080430.1, 2.6.25-20080501.2, and
> > 2.6.25-20080501.3), the cursor cannot move from side to side with the
> > touchpad, only up and down.  Using a USB mouse works fine.
> >
> Ok, that's... bizarre.  What build is this on?
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