Overloaded Networks, was Re: Signed Build for Italy

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Fri May 2 01:07:57 EDT 2008

On May 2, 2008, at 12:50 AM, Bryan Berry wrote:

>> For any number of laptops greater than 20, we recommend that they
>> be registered with a school (presence) server, so that they don't use
>> salut (clique).   This is REALLY true when using active antennas, but
>> still true when using access points.
>> wad
> Wad, will registering w/ the school server set the Jabber server
> correctly even if sugar-control-panel -g jabber has the wrong value?

Unsure.   Registration is a user interface concept.   sugar-control- 
works behind that in ways that are unclear to me.   I think the  
answer is
yes as long as UI registration (a one-way process) has not occurred.

> Also, where is the key-pair value for jabber stored in Sugar? where  
> are
> most of the key-pair values stored? thanks


Deleting it will cause the user to be prompted for nickname and color
again, and will allow re-registration with another server.

A caveat here:  Unless the machine is reflashed, the basic ID in jabber
will remain the same (the laptop keys are the same.)


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