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Kim Quirk kim at laptop.org
Thu May 1 07:53:28 EDT 2008

/etc/sysconfig/keyboard is:


I'll add this to the bug report as well... Arjun and Mitch have already
responded that this is correct.


On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 1:53 AM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at laptop.org> wrote:

> Kim Quirk wrote:
> > OK... after I set the mfg-data for ethiopia and did a cleaninstall, I
> > went into the linux virtual terminal and the last line I read is:
> >
> > "More than one layout variant on command line
> > Using "et", ignoring "olpc2,basic"
> >
> > Seems like it is trying to tell me something... Any ideas? At least I am
> > starting to feel like this is a software bug. Just opened a trac bug:
> 6945
> This may be a bug in olpc-configure.  What's the contents of
> /etc/sysconfig/keyboard?
> It a holiday in Italy and I'm going for out all day for trekking.
> Of course I don't mind if someone beats me at patching olpc-utils :-)
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