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Deepank Gupta deepankgupta at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 10:38:00 EDT 2008

Hello Ben,

Thanks for your valuable feedback on the proposal.

> I have read your wiki page, and message, and I do not understand why you
> think you cannot implement your goal as a standard activity.  Please
> explain this, preferably on the wiki.

What we are trying to propose is that since the activity will be run at most
of the times it will be good to think of it as an integral part of the
Sugar. As these are early days in the software design, it is one of the
reason why I wanted to ask the experienced developers about what they think
regarding the same, so that, we have no problems scaling it up later. Please
note that we are not violating any constraints of an activity.

> Also, please explain why you think
> "this software will be run at all times in the classroom".

In most of the modern classrooms, instead of promoting rote learning, the
teachers promote the children to use their brains by posing problems and
projects to them. Thus, most of the times the discussion revolves around a
specific problem, and the software aims to facilitate and promote it
Apart from that, in the history of education, testing has been one of the
cornerstones, without which we are never sure about what we have learned
till now. Along with the support of modern and ancient testing methods; the
software will provide support for modern memory techniques like flash cards
which can be used by students at their homes.
Thus, I support, the widespread use of the activity.

> In order to make any progress, you will have to be far more specific in
> your goals.  For example, what is "Formulation of a problem statement with
> the help of a few clicks into which images and text can be embedded"?
> This sentence is so vague that it conveys no information at all.

Thanks for pointing this out. The sentence has been remedied. I will make
sure that we back it up with full-scale system diagrams on the wiki.

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