[sugar] State of Update.1, March 24, 2008

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Mon Mar 24 07:49:05 EDT 2008

Michael Stone wrote:
> Folks,
> First, thanks are due to kreneskyp, sayamindu, uwog, dgilmore, rsmith,
> marco, wad, rwh, and hhardy for contributing to the state of our
> knowledge of Update.1 by updating tickets in Trac. Everyone else: get
> behind us, review these bugs, and help push out this release! See 
>   http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Test_setup_for_Update.1_builds
> for rough-cut instructions on how to try out update.1-70x builds.
> Next, the good news: thus far, q2d14 functions as advertised (allowing
> us to close #5422/#6245) and I have heard good things about
> telepathy-salut-0.2.3-1 (including how wad intends to put it through the
> wringer tomorrow). I remain hopeful that the localizations in
> olpc-library-core-1-23, olpc-library-common-1-23, and the Spanish
> console keyboard will satisfy our Spanish-speaking clients.
> Spanish-speakers: please test these facts, report back to us, and update
> #6685 and #5841!
> Then, the bad news: in a fascinating conversation with the support-gang
> (yay, support-gang!), it was made plain to me that recent Update.1
> builds have received little or no testing by folks who aren't building
> them. In light of this datum, we should consider the question: "who do
> we want to persuade to try out U.1 and what support do they need from
> us?"
> With this question in mind, Henry and I have opened #6747 based on a
> short list of "places that a novice user encountering U.1 unprepared
> might go looking for help". A brief survey of these loci showed how
> truly hard it is to find accurate information about U.1 and its
> audience, strengths, limitations, and escape routes. 
> Last but not least, the Update.1 Release Notes which Kim was kind enough
> to stub out for us at
>   http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Update.1_Software_Release_Notes
> could really use your help. Please assist in writing them in as you are
> able.
> Thank you very much,
> Michael
> P.S. - Are we all in agreement that we intend to take what we've got in
> hand now rather than holding U.1 any further while we seek answers to
> our presently unanswered networking, performance, and power management
> questions? Speak now or forever hold your peace...
> Bug Summary
> ===========
> Within reach
> -------------------------------------------------
> #6685     TST    sj          (library bundle localization)
> #6245     FIN    richard     (system firmware update issue)
> #5422     FIN    richard     (boot even if firmware needs update)
> #6575     TST    collabora   (chat receives message but can't send anymore)
> #6707     TST    collabora   (probable dup of 6575; maybe new)
> #5841     FIN    dgilmore    (spanish and portuguese keyboards)
> Probably beyond reach
> -------------------------------------------------
> #6299     TST    wad         (salut backoff when gabble running), needs to be tested on a big mesh;
> #6170     BLD    uwog        (shared write crashes)
> #6407     ???    marco       (Write crashes when sharing and add an image) (probably a dup of #6170)

#6170 can be moved to 'Within reach' I think. uwog has uploaded a new 
libabiword and I tested it as working in joyride-1796.

#6407 is definitely a dup of #6170. To make sure sure I retested 
successfully with the latest libabiword rpm.


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