New LiveBackup XO-LiveCD Release

WolfgangRohrmoser at WolfgangRohrmoser at
Sun Mar 23 05:12:23 EDT 2008

A new release 080321 of the Livebackup XO-LiveCD is available at:

and mirrored in Germany at

Main features and changes since version 080130:

   * better hardware support, based on linux kernel
   * based on LiveBackup Version 1.4.3
   * initial ASUS EeePC support (alpha)
   * new bootsplash and improved boot-error handling
   * playing chess and simulation of electronic circuits now
     works with gcompris
   * bug fixes, updates and new extra activities

This Live-CD project targets the main goals:

   * give children, students, teachers and parents
     the opportunity to participate and use the
     educational software on a common PC
   * demonstration of OLPC software to non-developers
   * for developers the CD provides an easy maintainable Live-System,
     which could be used to develop and test activities on the sugar desktop

Further information is available in the PDF document:

For discussion we invite you to join the mailing list:


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