New faster build 1794

Gary Oberbrunner garyo at
Sun Mar 23 22:04:54 EDT 2008

Michael Stone wrote:
> The updates server pulls down builds lazily on request. In other words,
> rsync'ing against it only tells you what builds it has _cached_, not
> what builds it can provide.

ok, makes sense.  Is there anywhere I can go to see what builds are 
actually available?  I tried today to get faster-1795, joyride-1795 and 
a few others I don't remember anymore; the only the one I could get was 
the one already cached (1788 I guess).  Just tried again to get 
faster-1795 and after about 60 sec it times out and says no such build 
exists. -v -v -v doesn't give any more info.  Is it just me?  My XO's 
connection is pretty weak most of the time, but not *that* weak.  I can 
ping with no packet loss.

> Still, please let us know when you're unable to update to builds with
> olpc-update, and file bugs if necessary.

It just said it didn't think such a build existed.

Gary Oberbrunner

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