Sharing behavior in the core Read activity

John Watlington wad at
Sat Mar 22 01:56:42 EDT 2008

It is a known problem that the Read activity doesn't automatically store
a copy of the shared document in the Journal.

Read has bigger problems.  I haven't been able to get it to share
the document properly in test after test.


On Mar 21, 2008, at 10:54 AM, James Simmons wrote:

> I am trying to give Read Etexts the same sharing behavior that core  
> Read
> has, using mostly the same code.  Until this week I didn't have a good
> way to test sharing, but I have set up multiple instances of
> sugar-jhbuild on one of my computers so now I can test sharing.  My
> sugar installation is missing squeak and another module
> (sugar-meta-something) but seems to work OK otherwise.
> As a sanity check, I tried to share a document between the two  
> instances
> using the core Read activity.  This seemed to work OK, at first.  I  
> was
> surprised at what happened when I resumed the activity from the  
> Journal
> of the second instance.  If the first instance was still running and
> sharing the document, it looked like the second instance would  
> download
> the document again and resume on the page where the reader of that
> instance had left off.  However, when the first instance was shut down
> and I tried to resume the activity on the second it displayed an empty
> document with zero pages.
> This wasn't what I expected to happen.  I had assumed that "sharing" a
> document meant that the second kid got his own copy of the document,
> which would be saved in the Journal until he deleted it.
> Again, my sugar-jhbuild has flaws, so I cannot be sure that the  
> behavior
> I'm seeing is what is intended.  If any of you could confirm or  
> correct
> my understanding of this I'd be obliged.
> Another thing I remember reading is that if two kids share an activity
> and one has an older version of the activity than the other, the older
> version gets updated so they both have the newer version.  This  
> doesn't
> seem to be happening.  I have two test machines, one running xubuntu
> with the sugar RPMs and another running Suse with sugar-jhbuild.  I  
> was
> hoping to use this alleged ability of Sugar to update activities in my
> testing, so I can develop on the xubuntu machine and test on both
> without passing USB drives back and forth.  If someone could  
> improve my
> understanding of this I'd be grateful.
> Thanks,
> James Simmons
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