1789 - sugar does not boot

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Mar 22 00:20:17 EDT 2008

Once upon a time my OLPC laptop (G1G1) was reliable.  No longer.

I've been dual-booting it, by installing a recent Joyride build plus 
a recent Update.1 build.  But the most recent Joyride builds do not 
boot for me:

The symptom seen most often is that the circle of dots gets drawn, 
then the doughnut gets drawn, and then the system just sits there 
(it will NOT accept any input from the keyboard).

If before booting I uncomment things in .xsession (for instance, the 
'exec xterm' line), a blank screen gets drawn instead of the 
doughnut.  After a bit, the blank screen disappears (reverts to the 
ctl-alt-F3 console) then is drawn again.  [This sequence cycles over 
and over, forever.]  Nothing helpful gets output to the console, nor 
to /var/log.

I've now gone backwards with Joyride, and reinstalled build 1784.


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