New update.1 build 701

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Fri Mar 21 18:30:56 EDT 2008

Changes in build 701 from build: 700

Size delta: -0.13M

-telepathy-salut 0.2.2-5.olpc2
+telepathy-salut 0.2.3-1.olpc2
-kbd 1.12-22.fc7
+kbd 1.12-23.olpc2
-sugar-presence-service 0.75.2-1.olpc2
+sugar-presence-service 0.75.4-1.olpc2

--- Changes for telepathy-salut 0.2.3-1.olpc2 from 0.2.2-5.olpc2 ---
  + Upstream release 0.2.3
  + #6575: muc receives message but can't send anymore

--- Changes for kbd 1.12-23.olpc2 from 1.12-22.fc7 ---
  + install olpc keymays for portugese and spanish  in place
  + this needs to be fixed correctly upstream

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