State of Update.1 on March 20, 2008

Michael Stone michael at
Fri Mar 21 11:47:03 EDT 2008

Bernie reported on Wednesday that new demands on his time make it
impossible for him to commit to closing bugs on our accelerated
timelines. However, it looks like a fairly simple packaging change is
required. Either Dennis or I should be able to take care of it. We'll
see who wins the race. :)


On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 11:31:12AM +0000, Walter Bender wrote:
> #5841 should really be fixed. The console in Spanish is hobbled
> without it. If we don't have an eloquent way to do it up stream today,
> let's target that for Update.2, but fork the patch today.
> If we can get 701 signed for testing out the door today, we can get
> 600 teachers test it for us next week in Peru... seems a good target.
> -walter
> -- 
> Walter Bender
> One Laptop per Child

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