State of Update.1 on the night of Mar. 18, 2008

Michael Stone michael at
Tue Mar 18 23:45:20 EDT 2008


I went through the bugs Scott mentioned in his previous "State of
Update.1" mail and looked for status changes. I also surveyed the Trac
Timeline looking for new gems. To make a long story short, no one has
_reported_ changes to any of these bugs in the past 5 days.


Build to test: update.1-699
Several bugs listed below are already fixed in update.1-700.

Key: ??? - status unknown
     TST - needs to be tested
     BLD - needs to be put into a build
     PKG - pkg needs to be built
     DBG - debugging/diagnosis still needed
     STK - stuck; a decision is needed about how to proceed
     SGN - a signoff is needed
     ESC - canceled or siginificantly reduced in priority
     FIN - successfully finished
     MSG - communication needed

Recent news                           Code   Owner      Idle-Time
---------------------------------     ----   -----      ---------     DBG    collabora  3 weeks
  (chat receives message but can't send anymore)     DBG    collabora  1 day
  (probable dup of 6575; maybe new)     DBG    dcbw?      2 hours
  (connect to linklocal instead of schoolmesh)
  see also #5963     MSG   kreneskyp   8 hours
  (localization for Watch and listen, blocked on #5036)     NEW   erikb       8 hours
  (record fails to share audio)

Critical                              Code   Owner      Idle-Time
---------------------------------     ----   -----      ---------     TST    robot101   5 days
  (salut backoff when gabble running), needs to be tested on a big mesh;;    PKG    uwog       5 days
  (shared write crashes)     PKG?   marco      1 month
  (Write crashes when sharing and add an image)
    - previous email claimed a patch exists: where is it?     DBG    dwmw2      1 week
  (wireless scan failure, reproducible, dwmw2 on it)                                                                                                  TST    sj         5 days
  (library bundle localization), TEST BUILD 700     TST    richard    5 days 
  (system firmware update issue), TEST BUILD 700               
                                                           TST    richard    5 days 
  (boot even if firmware needs update) (in 700)

NB: #6245 and #5422 are marked fixed and are probably fixed in build 700
but I can't tell from the resolution comments whether anyone actually
tested the build.

Important but not ready               Code   Owner      Idle-Time
---------------------------------     ----   -----      ---------     STK    rwh        6 days
  (Sharing problems with Salut)     ???    rwh        2 weeks
  (Read of PDF suspends while showing "Loading..." rather than a page)     ???    rwh        6 days
  (Read can suspend while being shared)     ???    dilinger   5 months
  (Touchpad recalibration should be forced under some circumstances.)     SGN    bernie     6 days
  (Cursor sometimes goes strange)     ???    uwog       2 months
  (Arabic is broken in Write)

Stuck, waiting for decisions          Code   Owner      Idle-Time
---------------------------------     ----   -----      ---------     STK    bernie     6 days
  (spanish and portuguese keyboards)                                                                                                                  STK    collabora  5 days
  (key hash in mdns, new tiny patch, needs review)                                                                                                       

Misc, no build needed                 Code   Owner      Idle-Time
---------------------------------     ----   -----      ---------     TST    bdoin      3 days
  (gnuchess gcompris in /home)     ???    Nat        1 week
  (tamtam broken in /home)     TST    cjb        1 day
  (new pippy to deal with moved tamtam)     ESC    cscott     5 days
  (provide means to customize ~olpc/.i18n)                                                                                                          FIN    morgs      5 days
  (pull in new pippy required by salut changes in #6299)
  fixed in build-700, Pippy-19.xo     TST    Nat        5 days
  (tam tam has new translations)                                                                                                                        
???                                   ???    cscott     3 days
  (Watch and Listen also needs love)

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