Interested GSoC 2008 student

Fred Imbeault fimbeault at
Thu Mar 20 07:23:50 EDT 2008

Hi, this is the first year I know about Google Summer of Code, and after
some hours of research and some IRC chat, I found your organization. I like
your goals and challenges and would appreciate to participate in the
development of your applications. I am a student in computing at college and
next year I'm going in game programming at university. I don't have a lot of
open source developing experience, but I think that my knowledge in Game
programming could be a plus for me in some of your projects. I was looking
at your wiki and the Board and Cards Games project interest me a lot. I
already know python programming language but still need to experience PyGame
library but learning it should not be a problem as I already know some other
graphic library such as SDL. So I wanted to know if your organization have a
good interest in this project, I could work on some few good games and
implement nice AI if needed, I just don't expect to finish networking part
as I don't have great knowledge of network applications programming, but I
could still try it if I have some time left.

 I just want to know what people think about it!
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