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Urko Fernandez tturktime at
Tue Mar 18 15:25:36 EDT 2008

1. Project name             : Assimilate
2. Existing website, if any : *
*The wiki entry is a proposal I've used to develop the activity
3. One-line description     : A flashcards based activity with a constructivist touch

4. Longer description       : Based on Leitner's spaced repetition system, this activity 
                            : adds too some ideas of constructivist theory in order to 
                            : assimilate new knowledge better and help the students construct  
                            : new flashcards by themselves.

5. URLs of similar projects :

6. Committer list 

      Username   Full name             SSH2 key URL                    E-mail
      --------   ---------             ------------                    ------
   #1 tturk	Urko Fernandez		(attached in the mail)		tturktime at

7. Preferred development model

   [X] Central tree. Every developer can push his changes directly to the 
       project's git tree. This is the standard model that will be familiar to 
       CVS and Subversion users, and that tends to work well for most projects.

   [ ] Maintainer-owned tree. Every developer creates his own git tree, or
       multiple git trees. He periodically asks the maintainer to look at one
       or more of these trees, and merge changes into the maintainer-owned,
       "main" tree. This is the model used by the Linux kernel, and is 
       well-suited to projects wishing to maintain a tighter control on code
       entering the main tree.

8. Set up a project mailing list:

   [ ] Yes, named after our project name
   [ ] Yes, named ______________________
   [X] No

9. Commit notifications

   [ ] Notification of commits to the main tree should be e-mailed to the list
       we chose to create above
   [ ] A separate mailing list, <projectname>-git, should be created for commit
   [X] No commit notifications, please

10. Shell accounts

    None needed.

11. Translation
   [X] Set up the Pootle server to allow translation commits to be made
   [ ] Translation arrangements have already been made at _______________

12. Notes/comments:
    I am developing this activity/application as a Final Year Project for Technical Engineer in Systems Data degree
    on the University of the Basque Country, so I'll be fully committed until the end of June, and hope to 
    continue beyond that date.
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