Problems with build 699, .i18n locale, and customization key

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at
Fri Mar 14 00:00:24 EDT 2008

I have two problems related to the customization key and build 699.

1. Reflashing w/ customization key and os699 will wipe out .i18n

As far as I can tell no way to customize the locale using the
Customization key. The XO's that have arrived in Nepal do not have Nepal
set as the country nor Nepali as the language in the firmware's
Manufacturing Data. That means upon reflashing of the XO w/ a signed
image, the XO defaults back to the language specified in the firmware,
which is not Nepali. 

2. No file for 699. That means we can't use the customization

The wiki page for Customization Key says that we need the file to
install the customized build. I don't see an in the build
directory for 699. When might there be an file for 699?

I have created a ticket for the .i18n issue

We really want to use build 698 or 699 because the Nepali locale works
properly in those builds but is not present in 656 or 653.

It is quite critical that teachers and kids be able to reflash their
XO's by simply sticking in a USB key and holding down the game buttons.
I know some folks like John Gilmore feel that everyone has an
inalienable right to access the firmware, but we have two pilot schools
starting in one month where virtually none of the kids or teachers have
every used computers. We need to make the restoration of the XO image as
simple as possible during the beginning of the pilot. We want the
teachers and kids to get comfortable w/ computers in general before we
introduce them to flash u:\boot\q2D13.rom

I know I ask for a lot of help but I really appreciate the assistance of
all the folks in OLPC-land.



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