Microsoft? (was Re: OLPC seeks a CEO -- who was your favorite CEO elsewhere?)

Charles Merriam charles.merriam at
Tue Mar 11 19:42:27 EDT 2008

>  Um, you guys do know how to use the search function on the Wiki, don't you?
Please be civil.

>  Yeah, Nicholas said pretty much the first half of that months ago.
The issue is the conflicting Negroponte quotes:

Windows on XO "has not only been happening with our consent, but (also
our) collaboration. Some of the first engineering models from any
given build go to them," Negroponte said.

Negroponte says that a Windows operating system is in the process of
being fine-tuned on the XO as we speak. "Microsoft and OLPC are in
discussion on how to release it, as well as how to announce," he said.
Negroponte added that the Windows operating system should be available
on the XO in less than 60 days.

So, who knows?


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