Physics with Python and Pygame (Chipmunk 2D Physics Engine)

Jeremy Fitzhardinge jeremy at
Mon Mar 10 02:31:23 EDT 2008

Chris Hager wrote:
> Hey all.
> Recently I did some research on 2D (SDL) physic engines, and found that 
> one of the most popular (called Chipmunk) with python bindings (pymunk) 
> recently got an update. I had a look into it, and am totally amazed :) 
> The chipmunk engine is easy, stable, fast, fun, open-source -- and now 
> it's getting really possible to use it with python and especially pygame.

Great!  I've been playing with chipmunk on the XO a little bit, but 
nothing really to show off.  I was a bit disappointed in the speed of 
the standard pymunk demo on the XO, but I wasn't sure if it was the 
physics or just rendering which was slow.  What kinds of frame rates are 
you seeing?


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