Why is Terminal 'extra' ?

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Thu Mar 6 18:22:59 EST 2008

>  Terminal, Log Viewer, and Analyze are not included in the core build,
>  but they *are* included in the core *library*.  That is, you can
>  always install them, even though they may not show up by default in
>  the toolbar.

Why would we burn up Flash space for activities that are not accessible
to the user?*  And if the user installs them, then they burn up twice as
much flash space?

We had several "brick" bugs that filled the filesystem in build 650.
Those are fixed; are there any others?  It would've been rather hard
to install a terminal to diagnose them.

If there's a problem with the toolbar being too long, fix it!  Oh,
that's already scheduled.  Then what's the problem?  Can't upgrade or
remove activites?  Just ship all the activities in /home/olpc rather
than in /usr, then they'll all be upgradeable and removable.


*: I understand why some activities, like SimCity, made the library
but not the toolbar; the release shifted at the last minute and they
didn't work so well.  And the library deadline was later than the main
deadline.  And SJ was kinder than Jim :-).  But those temporary artifacts
shouldn't be institutionalized.

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