State of the update.1

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Thu Mar 6 17:53:06 EST 2008

Just to check my understanding, and make sure everyone's on the same page:

Our current update.1 build is 697

It currently has fixes for:
   * trac #6580 (reconfig network on lid open)
   * trac #6579 (remove workstation record from mdns)
   * Mesh multicast ttl=1 (dwmw kernel patch)

The following networking issues are still open:
   * trac #6310 (salut crasher) (in joyride)
   * trac #6572 (key hash in mdns) (in joyride, but partially broken there)
   * trac #6299 (disable salut when gabble is running) (was in, now
out; approach has changed, needs review)
   * trac #6586 (scan failed) ("irreproducible" now that network
traffic is under control)

The following are "release notes":
   * suspend is disabled
   * only core activities are present, to enable local customization.
   * For WEP or WPA, the access point must be set to channel 1, 6, or
11 for the XO to connect. (although there have been reports that this
isn't the case for some people)

There are quite a number of blocker and high priority bugs still filed
against update.1:

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