uucp for sneakernet (was Re: Emulating the School...]

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Tue Mar 4 22:32:44 EST 2008

> uucp ... the first place I'd turn for
> sneaker-netting posix-ish systems together.


Yep.  UUCP is great if there's a phone line that can dial overnight
cheaply, but no Internet.  I released the first free implementation of
uucp (gnuucp), which was later succeeded by my friend Ian Taylor's
"Taylor uucp", which I believe is still the best free version.  Ian
<ian at airs.com> may still even maintain it (last release: 1.07 in
2003).  See:


There was also an MSDOS implementation of uuslave (the predecessor of
gnuucp), maintained by Tim Pozar <pozar at lns.com>, which was widely
used to gateway Fidonet nodes to Usenet/UUCP nodes.  That was the
first project I worked on to bring thousands of 14-year-olds into the
global network.  See:

If a remote school has a dialup phone connection that can run TCP/IP
over a modem, that's probably better than running uucp over it, even
if you can only run it at night due to telco charges.  But uucp has a
lot of scheduling and queueing support that more modern TCP/IP systems
have forgotten about.


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