Why is Terminal 'extra' ?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Thu Mar 6 11:37:22 EST 2008

Was not aware of the implications of "the official builds from now 
on will contain only _base_ Activities" (discussed in Ticket #6598), 
until I saw a recent post to the Sugar list.

I happen to be a heavy CLI user.  It appears the target countries 
for OLPC deployment have not insisted on CLI - hence Terminal is 
being omitted from the _base_ software distribution.  I'm presuming 
not all users in the field will have a connection whereby to 
download 'extra' Activities omitted from the _base_.  That leaves 
the text console as the "approved" OLPC CLI interface.

Admittedly Terminal can be used to delete/alter things that should 
be left alone.  But to me personally, it is easier to use than the 
text console.  Do the benefits of initially leaving Terminal out of 
the _base_ distribution outweigh having to subsequently install it 
for those who wish to use it ?


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