[OLPC Networking] Issues with the wireless mesh devices

Kim Hawtin kim at hawtin.net.au
Mon Mar 3 18:00:10 EST 2008

info at olpc-peru.info wrote:
> Kim wrote: "...The network admin guys are quiet concerned about the DDOS possibilities."
> I comment,
> Hi Kim,
> I am very intested in the networking issue... because I am mounting a small lab to emulate
> the enviroment of the XOs & Acces Point & wireless work...
> About DDOS:
> At the end of this message the definition of a DDOS (distributed Denial of Service Attack... for those that need to know)

Given that a pair of XOs shut down the local access point and the AP on the
other end of the backbone link connected to the local AP there was more than
enough justification to do extra digging.

If some one was malicious enough to find a number of backbone nodes on the WAN
then you see the problem here.

Internet connected or not, the DoS problems remain. Your or my definition of
DDos is not relevant in the big scheme of things, until the problem is better



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