SuperUser permission for the Driver??

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Jun 26 11:46:19 EDT 2008

> ... to install the activity and having it running
> I have to copy the rules file into /etc/udev/rules.d folder.

The preferred short answer seems to be  NO.  But if an Activity 
(application) *does* need something to be put into the operating 
system, should the "Sugar environment" provide a way to add that ?

A benefit (to people who manipulate their systems) of putting add-on 
Activities into /home/olpc was to make them independent of an 
'olpc-update' which replaced the operating system.  One solution to 
the problem above would be to create TWO packages, one (.xo) to 
install the user-permissions material (done once), and the second 
(.rpm ?) to install the system modifications (done every time the 
system is replaced).  [Etoys already supplies two such packages.]

An RPM is static, and platform/version dependent.  Ought the "Sugar 
environment" provide an "intelligent" facility which would 
'hook/unhook' drivers [and objects on removable devices] into the 
running system (e.g., to add/remove "Sugar Activities") ?


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