Berkeley Logo interpreter for XO

Brian Harvey bh at
Tue Jun 24 15:45:48 EDT 2008

Berkeley Logo is a GPLed interpreter for the Logo programming language
for kids.  It currently runs under Linux (and MacOS and Windows, but it's
Linux that's relevant) using an xterm window as the user interface, and a
separate X11 window for graphics.  It can run on the XO that way, but needs
to be Sugared to fit the UI specs.

The OLPC people say I should ask on this list for anyone interested in helping
with this project.  You can get the source code at

There's also an experimental version using wxWidgets in an attempt to provide
a uniform cross-platform UI.  It was 90% working a year ago, after a year of
effort, and now it's about 93% working.  ;-)  It may be relevant because that
version knows about creating and managing windows, including an interactive
text window, so it might be an easier starting point for a Sugar version.
You can find the current state of that project at

Please reply to me explicitly as well as to the list.  Thanks!

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