olpc-dm ck-connector patch

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Jun 20 11:36:59 EDT 2008


Background for others: olpc3 is a bit broken because HAL doesn't let
sugar do anything like mount USB drives, reboot/shutdown, etc. This is
because HAL is not able to determine if sugar is the "active" user of
the machine.
sugar (well, olpc-dm) needs to register itself with ConsoleKit so that
HAL/PolicyKit can know whether sugar is active or inactive (in our case
- a single user system - it will always be active). There is a
complication here, olpc-dm does not work like a "normal" desktop manager
because it simply does stuff then runs startx. Normal DMs run under the
X environment so know their X display address etc.

Here's my work on getting olpc-dm registered with ConsoleKit. It
registers a connector and a session, but since it does not know the X
display device or server address, ConsoleKit is not able to detect
whether the session is active or not. It is basically missing some
parameters to ck_connector_open_session_with_parameters(). It should
also tear down the CK session when sugar exits.

Here are some useful resources if you want to take this further:


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