Upgrade G1G1 using autoreinstallation method

David Leeming leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb
Sat Jun 14 06:09:21 EDT 2008

Hi John,

To see if we could duplicate our problem, we tried with another AP: We have
a VSAT set up near the village where we are deploying a trial with 50
children in PNG. It has a reliable wireless AP and you can associate both
"grown up" laptops and XOs no problems. The XOs will then see the Internet
and also other XOs and the activities will share OK. This AP has a DHCP
server on the wireless side. In fact, there is no other as the AP connects
straight to the VSAT modem, which does not have DHCP set up, via a switch.
If one pulls the cable out on the LAN side of the AP the XOs cease to share
and quickly drop out and look for the mesh. So, this duplicated the problem
I described.

I am now told that a jabber service is needed to keep the XOs interested and
reliably collaborating, that maybe is the cause? Do you concur? 

I do appreciate your help...

David Leeming
Cc: John Watlington; 'Bert Freudenberg'; devel at laptop.org
Subject: Re: Upgrade G1G1 using autoreinstallation method

Not knowing more about what you've done, I have
to ask a lot of v. simple questions.

When you say "move on", you have manually associated each
laptop with the AP once, right ?   And the ESSID hasn't changed ?

How realiable is the failure ?   Do all XOs "move on" to mesh
mode, or is this only a problem with a (random) few ?

How many XOs on each channel ?

You could be seeing a failure of DHCP to actually occur.
Have you checked /var/log/messages on a failing laptop ?


On Jun 13, 2008, at 5:45 PM, David Leeming wrote:

> Thanks John, but I did realise that simple fact. The APs do have  
> DHCP server
> set up. They still move on.
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> Subject: Re: Upgrade G1G1 using autoreinstallation method
> On Jun 12, 2008, at 5:10 PM, David Leeming wrote:
>> Thanks - solved. It's all there on the wiki, yes (blush). We have a
>> lot of
>> time pressures imposed by the political realities here, with 20+
>> countries
>> each with their own government and process to go through, etc. I do
>> appreciate your help!
>> Do you also know about access points, it was stressed at the  
>> Countries
>> meeting in Boston that 30+ XOs in one classroom do not collaborate
>> very
>> efficiently and the preferred method is to use an AP to enable
>> collaboration/sharing in the classroom, even if there is no
>> Internet access.
>> We have had some D-Link DWL2100 APs sent to us for this purpose and
>> what
>> happens is that if there is no Internet connection the XOs do not
>> associate
>> themselves persistently with the APs but "hang up" and go looking
>> for the
>> mesh. Do you know anything about that?
> Yes.   If there is no school server, and no other connection to the
> Internet,
> then you will have to let one of the APs provide DHCP service.   If
> the laptops
> connect to an AP, but aren't issued an address via DHCP, they move  
> on...
>> David Leeming
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>> On 12.06.2008, at 05:53, David Leeming wrote:
>>> How can I upgrade G1G1 XO-1s using the auto-reinstallation method
>>> with a flash drive? We have 100 to update here in PNG and it is
>>> impossible to use olpc-update as the connectivity is so poor. We
>>> have a flash drive with the new image 703 on it, and I successfully
>>> updated a B4. But when I try a G1G1 laptop, even with pressing the
>>> game keys it just boots normally without updating. I know I have
>>> some gaps in my knowledge regarding the keys and security for the
>>> G1G1 laptops, but unfortunately I need a quick answer. Much
>>> appreciate any help.
>> Make sure it is the signed build (called "703" not "update.1-703"),
>> and remember you need an activity pack, too. See here:
>> 	http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Secure_Upgrade
>> - Bert -
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