Upgrade G1G1 using autoreinstallation method

David Leeming leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb
Wed Jun 11 23:53:06 EDT 2008

How can I upgrade G1G1 XO-1s using the auto-reinstallation method with a
flash drive? We have 100 to update here in PNG and it is impossible to use
olpc-update as the connectivity is so poor. We have a flash drive with the
new image 703 on it, and I successfully updated a B4. But when I try a G1G1
laptop, even with pressing the game keys it just boots normally without
updating. I know I have some gaps in my knowledge regarding the keys and
security for the G1G1 laptops, but unfortunately I need a quick answer. Much
appreciate any help.


David Leeming

Deploying in PNG


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