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Hi Kim!

"Kim Quirk" <kim at laptop.org> schrieb am 09.06.2008 06:12:48:

> We are hoping that the company we partner with for the G1G1 program 
> will bring some knowledge to us about what is needed for each 
> country where we want to ship. We will start with that information 
> and then figure out the things that aren't understood. For instance,
> for products shipping from the US to Germany, I'm sure there are 
> some mandatory certifications required (the equivalent of UL or CE).
> Perhaps the certifications are for all of the EU countries. Also, 
> some countries may require a minimum warranty or returns policy. 
> There might be different rules for a non-profit company.

I'm far off from understanding European warrenty laws, but the magic 
google word to look for seems to be "Consumer Sales Directive 1999/44/EC". 
The Consumer Sales Directive introduced a common European warrenty law and 
if you search for it you will find very informative sites like: 
> As for keyboards, we will only be able to ship one keyboard - 
> US/International. We have to forecast the parts many months ahead of
> when they can be built and shipped; and our manufacturer cannot 
> build small quantities of anything. So we will have all the 
> keyboards go out US/International; and the choice of power adapter 
> will probably have to be limited as well to US or EU.

Is there a way to produce seperate keyboards? It's annoying, but not 
overall difficult to replace the XO keyboards. So it probably could make 
sense to ship the XOs with international keybords and replace them with 
localized version later on.

cu andreas
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