Wikipedia activity - unstoppable... bug?

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Jun 4 11:54:40 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

   > Hi Chris, here in Lima, I'm debugging a problem that the local team
   > has shown me with the wilkipedia activity not starting for a second
   > time. The problem is that the server never really closes, so the
   > 2nd invocation finds the socket taken, and can't use it. Apparently
   > this is a common issue with SimpleHTTPServer.

Thanks for the testing!  We saw a report of this from Peru yesterday and
fixed it¹, then released Wikipedia-10.xo² with the fix.  I think Scott
plans on putting Wikipedia-10.xo and other fixes into a 703-6 shortly.

   > learn what signal/event we get from Sugar when the app is closed
   > (do we get one?). I'm *so* not a Sugar developer ;-)

This was our first implementation (using an "atexit" handler) but that
handler won't run if the reason the activity dies is due to out of
memory, X crashing, or so on.  The thread-based solution should be more
robust, now that it works; we can guarantee the child thread will die
when the parent does.

- Chris.

Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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