New, more realistic multi-hop network testbed

Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos ypod at
Fri Jun 6 17:23:17 EDT 2008

Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> On Jun 6, 2008, at 10:31 PM, Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos wrote:
>> In the spirit of escalating collaboration/communication use cases to
>> more realistic scenarios, I 'd like to propose creating the following
>> multihop network testbed.
>> This testbed will involve about 70 nodes, but most are already deployed
>> (about 50 nodes already exist at 1CC and 8 at the Media Lab). About
>> 10-12 new XOs are necessary to form the multi-hop network:
> Hi Pol!
> outdoor or indoor?
> Might be a good outdoor test for XO durability :))
> You might need some external directional antennas since there is so 
> much 2.4GHz noise there.
> a.

This is mainly an outdoor test with indoor nodes ;-) The idea is be as 
realistic as possible and try to replicate the actual village 
environment, only in its worst possible form: Including the high radio 
noise levels of MIT. We should not enforce connectivity by means of 
external antennae, but rather experiment with the reachability of the XO 
as it is, potentially by adding active antennae in between.

Having this testbed in place, we can try a mobility test also, eg. 
having a mobile phone or an XO "walk" from end to end.


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