NetworkManager complaining about missing /sbin/restorecon

Martin Dengler martin at
Thu Jul 31 23:06:46 EDT 2008

Hi devel@,

In joyride-2231, NetworkManager's complaining about missing

-bash-3.2# grep restorecon /var/log/messages | tail -1
Aug  1 02:57:13 xo NetworkManager: <WARN>  nm_spawn_process(): nm_spawn_process('/sbin/restorecon /etc/hosts'): could not spawn process. (Failed to execute child process "/sbin/restorecon" (No such file or directory))#012

...which another F9 box claims is provided by policycoreutils:

$ rpm -q --whatprovides /sbin/restorecon 

It doesn't appear to be causing any problems besides the warning.

Should this package / file be in joyride?  I can open a ticket...


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