Notes from today's Release Meeting(s)

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Wed Jul 30 00:49:23 EDT 2008

Michael Stone wrote:
> 5. Separately, I wish we were receiving even more volunteer testing. Can you
> help out? Fame, glory, and the undying gratitude of hundreds of thousands of
> children await you!

Background: I'm just a G1G1.  I don't have a "Developer key", but on my 
own initiative I installed candidate-703 and candidate-708 using 
olpc-update and provided some feedback and bug reports.

> What would make it easier for you?

More clarity.

>  I gather that having the nominated  Wednesday build helps

Is this "nominated Wednesday build" going to be a candidate build that 
mere users can install using olpc-update, or do I need the fabled bronze 
"Developer key" to become a joyride-like tester of nominated 8.2 builds?

> and that cloning/updating the "Friends in Testing"
> page would be useful.

I'd never heard of <>
I did sign up for 

> Several folks (rsmith and cscott) suggested making at least a
> devel-announce list for this sort of traffic. Would that help?

I think once OLPC has a candidate build that people can install using 
olpc-update and has been "smoke-tested", then it can publicize it on,,, etc.  Another mailing 
list won't help as much to get the word out.

>> I believe you really need some dedicated person as liaison between
>> sugarlabs/1cc and outside testing and development volunteers.

I'm not so sure.  If you want more testing, just publicize as above.  I 
didn't hear about candidate builds until I started following devel and 
figured out the wiki's green "Latest Releases" box.  Mozilla does fine 
with self-selected groups of self-builders, nightly testers, alpha 
testers, beta testers, etc., I don't think they have any such liaison 

>> Anyway I'll try to test whatever build you nominate tomorrow.

Me too, especially if there's clarity about olpc-update vs. the fabled 
"developer key".

> Thanks so much!

No, thank you!


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