[sugar] specifying what services Activities may use

Bastien bzg at laptop.org
Mon Jul 28 22:03:10 EDT 2008

"Benjamin M. Schwartz" <bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu> writes:

> Jerry Williams wrote:
> | Seems like this problem for linux was solved with RPM.
> | With rpm if something is missing for something you want to install, it
> | complains and won't let you install it.
> That's not really the problem we're discussing.  We're talking about the
> case in which you try to install an old bundle onto a new build, or vice
> versa.  

Another reason why each build should come with a default bundle.

If countries develop their bundles independantly from Sugar evolution,
then the problem will just be more painful.  If countries have a default
bundle to refer to when developing their own, it could help solving
dependancy issues indirectly.

The default activities could be selected so that 90% of the dependancies
for other (known) activities are satisfied.  

At least, a default bundle combined with a nice GUI for xo-get.py would
discourage installation of old bundles on newer builds.

And you guys could get rid of the scary red warning on the wiki :)


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