Fwd: Software ECO - OFW q2d17, per703-7, en708-2

Joseph A. Feinstein joe at laptop.org
Mon Jul 28 20:36:07 EDT 2008

I can't confirm or deny this. After downgrading a machine to Q2D16, 
reinstalling the build 708 and then installing the Joyride 2200, the 
right firmware (Q2E11) appeared to be installed. I didn't run the 
test without the external power supply because I'm (almost) sure that 
the original installation was done on external power.

The abnormal behavior of the Joyride 2200, observed so far, is 
described in tickets #7648 (activities installation), #7693 (Browser 
activity doesn't run) and #7694 (olpc-netlog command is absent).

At 04:08 PM 7/28/2008, Michael Stone wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 12:46:18PM -0400, Joseph A. Feinstein wrote:
>>On the laptop where I installed Joyride 2200, I have OFW Q2D16. At 
>>this time it's not known whether it came with the build or it's a 
>>leftover from a previous (build 708) installation. Michael Stone will
>After a reboot with both AC and battery power sources connected, the
>(unlocked) machine in question now has Q2E11 installed. The most likely
>explanation is that the machine was unpowered when it was rebooted into
>Can you confirm or deny this hypothesis? Can you reproduce the problem
>after downgrading the machine to q2d16?
>P.S. - Please use public mail for publishable questions. Thanks.

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