electricity table (Google Docs)

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Jul 28 01:33:15 EDT 2008

Bobby Powers wrote:

>> I don't have numbers for these efficiencies.  The EC code has comments
>> with magical constants that suggest certain numbers for these values but
>> I've learned that a lot of those comments may be wrong or apply to
>> earlier versions of the batteries.   The range suggested is 80 - 90%.
> would (somehow) updating these magical constants for current batteries
> (depending on LiFe or NiCad chemistries) improve anything?

What I mean is that the "comments" may not be correct so if it says the 
charge efficiency in CC mode is 90% I can't be sure that its really 90% 
without setting up my own testing and verifying.  The magic constants 
may have been adjusted for a battery thats really 87% without updating 
the comments to match.

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