Evil code-sharing hacks?

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Sun Jul 27 00:59:37 EDT 2008

Here is a fun and amusing "easy weekend project" for an enterprising
activity author: 

   Implement a "code sharing" demo as follows:

   1. stub out a collaborative "RemoteControl" activity (perhaps based on
   Chat, Xavier, or Distribute)...
   2. which, when started fresh, asks you to select an activity
   compatible with RemoteControl to be launched in the container of the
   RemoteControl instance under the control of said instance,

   3. which, when shared, causes both the RemoteControl instance and the
   controlled activity instance to be shared, and
   4. which, when joined, transfers the code of the controlled activity
   to the joining RemoteControl instance which promptly instantiates its
   own controlled instance and directs that instance to join the shared
   controlled instance.

(Some questionable modifications to activities may be needed in order to
make them conform to this control flow. Follow the plan described above
at your own risk and be prepared for rotten tomatoes. :)



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