joyride keyboard problems & GL/glx

Chris Marshall jns-cmarshall at
Fri Jul 25 08:10:21 EDT 2008

Daniel Drake wrote:
> Resyncing the X server was not quite as simple as you might expect. 
> Previously, X was compiled along with the mesa sources to offer 
> software-based GL. The software GL is very slow but word on the street 
> is that some activities use it anyway.
> ...
> Anyway, at the moment, we have no swrast in our build, which means no GL 
> support at all. Does anyone care?

One thing OpenGL has going for it is portability and availability.
There was some wiki mention of interest in one of the embedded
subset OpenGL implementations.  Did anything ever come from
that?  The slowness is only relative to modern GPU speed.  For
a lot of applications, using the 3D framework with the simpler
geometries and more image-oriented, a software OpenGL can
be quite acceptable.


> I am going to work with Fedora to get the swrast module separated from 
> the overweight mesa-dri-drivers - this could return in future if we need it.
> Sorry for any inconvenience, this was the most straightforward way of 
> getting a working X and a working keyboard again.
> Daniel
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