Congratulations! but Sugar sucks

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Thu Jul 24 20:18:18 EDT 2008

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Kimberley Quirk wrote:
| I think many people will agree with much of what you have identified
| in your rant; and we have been working on making the most progress we
| can given the constraints of the 'real' world:


Though I was obviously trying to be a bit provocative with my letter, I
did not mean to imply a criticism of the work that has been done so far.
~ I have been very impressed with what you and the Sugar team have been
able to accomplish, given the many constraints under which you have been

The point of my letter, ideally, is positive.  Stated more formally, my
thesis is:
The list of missing features needed to make Sugar a first-rate system is
really surprisingly short.  Each item on the list has been debated to a
stationary point over the last two years, so all that is left is to make a
final decision for the engineers to execute.  Each task could be completed
or hugely improved by a single developer in a few months, provided that we
do not allow changes to the requirements, and the developers are not asked
to split their time and focus.

- --Ben
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