Tuxpaint activity is bloated

Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Wed Jul 23 19:55:32 EDT 2008

The filesystem layout for the tuxpaint activity has a lot of boilerplate 
that contributes to it taking up a lot of space on NAND.
In some NAND images from Uruguay that I analyzed today, over 5000 
directory entries - nearly 50% of the total number of dirents in /home - 
were from tuxpaint.

For example, there are 200+ CVS subdirectories, each containing "Root", 
"Repository", and "Entries" files.  Many of the CVS directories are in 
localized subdirectories, which also contain many copies of dirents or 
localized versions of files likes COPYING.txt, AUTHORS.txt, etc.

One subdirectory hierarchy is named "org.tuxpaint.sugar-is-lame\".  That 
is unprofessional.

The activity itself appears to somewhat popular, at least based on its 
presence on all of the Uruguay NAND images that I analyzed.  If it is 
indeed popular, perhaps it would be worthwhile to optimize it for XO to 
reduce the footprint.  In addition to removing boilerplate that the 
children won't look at, one possible optimization would be to collapse 
the many files in TuxPaint.activity/share/tuxpaint/stamps/ into a few 
archive files, thus reducing the filesystem overhead.

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