Definition of "Stable Enough To Release" for 8.2.0

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Wed Jul 23 16:16:09 EDT 2008

Hi All,

After a chat with the team this week I tried to come up with a 
definition of what is "good enough to release" for 8.2.0.

This is just a starting point and I'm sure we'll talk about it again.

Please comment, edit and augment as needed. I may be missing some 
important areas...

When the dust settles I'll post it on the wiki.

I'm willing to compromise where needed (e.g. boot time isn't that 
critical) so treat this as best case or starting position.

Two ways to slice this:
1 - Better than the last release (8.2.0 v 708, 703, and 656)
2 - Works as expected

For case 1, where it says "the same", read "same or better" or "same or 
more" as appropriate

For case 2 where it says "the same", read "as documented" or "as expected".

Stability Requirement for 8.2.0

1 - Start activities at the same speed (including but not limited to all 
fructose activities)
2 - Boot to home at the same speed.
3 - Cursor control the same, including number of XOs where it moves
without input or moves without correlation to finger on touchpad
3 - Connect to the same APs in the same time and with the same user
feedback. (e.g. blinks then shows white circle).
4 - Connect to active antennas in the same time and with the same user
feedback (e.g. blinks then shows white circle).
5 - Run all the same activities (can require activity upgrade within
documented bounds). Includes allowing activities to mesh the same way.
6 - Connect to mesh with the same number of XOs in the same time with
the same failure rate.
7 - Save and open files for all activities. Fructose activities at a 
minimum otherwise all activities per 5 above. Including when journal has 
thousands of entries.
8 - Use the same NAND space.
9 - Always boots up, especially when there is no space on NAND
10 - Open and close all activities per 5 above.
11 - Must support all languages and keyboards previously supported.
"support" means all previously translated strings still work in
activities and sugar. All language types work the same (e.g. RTL)
12 - No new cases where the XO crashes and needs hard reboot.
13 - No new cases where the cursor stops responding (AKA hangs) for more
than 30 seconds.
14 - Sound and video recording and playback must record at the same
rate. Must playback all the same kinds of files. Must playback with the
same quality (assuming all other variables constant, e.g. network,
RAN=M, disk space, etc.)
15 - Browse must render the same web sites as before. See also
16 - USB read, write, mount and unmount must work the same and for all
the same devices.
17 - Mouse and keyboard must connect and work the same
18 - Journal has the same capabilities.
19 - Must use the same or less power for the same user interaction
20 - Must have the same security mechanisms and be as secure as previous 
21 - Must be installable in the factory and upgradeable from 656, 703 
and 708 via USB or network.

See also a related definition of the release here:

That's it. Prove we do that and we will have a rock solid release! :-)


Greg S

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