[sugar] Remarks on the Work of Sugar

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Jul 23 05:33:38 EDT 2008

Martin Dengler wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 09:36:27AM +0200, Simon Schampijer wrote:
>> Michael Stone wrote:
> [...]
>>>    Evidence: Non-extensible aspects of Sugar like activity launching,
>>>    home view layout, frame contents, and the presence service have
>>>    stagnated.
> [...]
>> For sugar core - I don't think that 'small fixes' need more than
>> python skills.
> I agree.  Of course people also need "the knowledge about where to put
> those python skills to work".  That's non-trivial in Sugar, but -
> apart from m_stone's layering comment - I don't think the UI-code
> makes this more of a problem than it just is, inherently.
>> Best,
>>     Simon
> Martin

Sure, some guidance is needed. I hope we have done a decent job to guide you to the 
places to provide your great fixes :)

for example:


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