ls-r command in OFW

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Wed Jul 23 05:25:15 EDT 2008

I have added some new commands to the OFW source; they will appear in 
the next
firmware that I release.  They may be of some value in debugging "nand 
filled up"
problems - but on the other hand, they might not, because JFFS2 can fill 
up in ways
that don't show up in directory listings.  (Some file-creation patterns 
have extremely
high filesystem overhead; other patterns result in large numbers of 
deleted nodes.)

ok ls-r nand:\home

ls-r displays a recursive directory listing of files matching the 
following pattern.
Specifically, it shows a listing of all entries directly matching the 
pattern, and for
any match that is a directory, it recursively lists every file and 
contained therein.  It also displays the accumulated size of all files 
contained within
each directory, recursively including the sizes of its subdirectories.  
The displayed
size includes only the data length of the files.  The actual amount of 
storage space
consumed might differ greatly from the displayed size, which does not 
account for
filesystem overhead, media granularity, or transparent compression.

ok to-file u:\mylog.txt  command ...

to-file redirects console output to the named file for the duration of 
the command line.
For example:   ok  to-file u:\nandhome.txt  ls-r nand:\home
Output is restored to the normal console before the next prompt is issued.

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