SMS messaging

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at
Wed Jul 23 04:08:57 EDT 2008

Le mardi 22 juillet 2008 à 18:36 -0400, Ankur Verma a écrit :
> Message is in the format Nick_Name:Message. Though its true that
> Nicknames are not unique across a school, but it is the only way to
> specify XO in a user-friendly manner. 
> If XO is not currently connected, a SMS autoreply will be sent
> indicating XO is not present in the mesh. One of the use cases would
> be when parents want to know about their child's presence in the
> school considering every XO in school is connected!

Ok, then I think the Telepathy based client connected to the jabber
server could be a good solution. In which language is written your


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