NAND Full Requirement

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Tue Jul 22 16:01:35 EDT 2008

Hi All,

Here's the requirement for Uruguay NAND full situation.

I need this fixed ASAP.

- The XO must always boot up to sugar including allowing access to the 
journal. That is no matter the fullness of the NAND
- If the NAND has less than nnMB (50?) free, warn the user that they are 
low on space.
- Must be installable on 656 in the Uruguay configuration
- Must not delete any user created files
- Must not disable any activities or other functionality

So far they have:
- a dialog box which warns when you get low on space
- Chris's script which allows deleting stuff automaticaly but probably 
user stuff

What else they want, not sure... I will talk to Emliano ASAP and let you 

Erik will propose one solution (related to RamFS I believe).

Let me know if you have any questions about the requirement.


Greg S

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