For review: NAND out of space patch.

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Jul 22 00:11:37 EDT 2008


   > I'll go on record repeating the comments made earlier. deleting the
   > students largest file is probably deleting their most important
   > work.

Of course, it should be only a last resort; I tried to make that clear.
I hope that in 8.2 we'll fix the problem in general, in a way that
prompts for which files to delete.  This patch would be an interim
workaround for deployments to ameliorate the current problem of
non-booting laptops, and a failsafe for any edgecases we miss in 8.2.

   > there are probably things in the journal that can be nuked, becouse
   > they can either be re-created (any cached web pages), or are just a
   > record of what was done (terminal activities for example), but
   > don't delete anything of the students without getting confirmation
   > of what to delete first.

As long as Sugar fails to boot with disk full, I don't know how I
can search the datastore in that way.  We don't have the full query
interface available from the initrd.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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