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Eben Eliason eben.eliason at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 21:31:24 EDT 2008

Hmm, it's true.  I'm not sure I really see a distinction between this and
the trac system which is already securely in place, well tested, and well
supported.  There's also a separate ticketing system and database the
support team uses to enter feedback and experience reports.  Adding another
bug system, let along a home brewed one, seems like its only likely to cause
more confusion.
Perhaps you could elaborate more on the target demographic for the site and
the types of use scenarios you feel aren't yet being properly addressed.  I
wonder if we can't find a solution that uses the systems already in place to
achieve similar goals.  For instance, the tech team has recently been
discovering the power of the reports system in trac for setting up unique
views into the available info.

On the other hand, maybe what we need more is a forum space.  We have the
wiki, and we have the bug system, but we don't have an interactive space
where people can ask questions and help each other find solutions. I think
this was one of the goals you had in mind for the site, and I think a forum
might be a more appropriate manifestation of that.  If that's something we
seriously want to do (forum.laptop.org, or similar?), we should research
some available open source solutions and choose one which would best suit
our needs.  There would still be a fair bit of work involved in setting it
up and theming it appropriately, as well as need for moderation and such,
but over time that kind of administration could be handled largely by
community.  Such an initiative could also benefit the support folks by
providing a more self-sustaining method for people to ask and answer

- Eben

2008/7/18 Noah Kantrowitz <noah at coderanger.net>:

>  How exactly is this not just a bad bug tracker? We already have 2 (3?)
> ticket systems, another is not needed.
> --Noah
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> Hey again, sorry I forgot to include the link in the first email, so here
> it is <http://linode1.t-wp.info/xoTracker/>. Eric Garrison asked how the
> review squad would integrate with dev.laptop.org, and it seems that the
> easiest way would be to add the ability to tie any bug report, suggestion or
> question to any (or multiple) projects. When a developer checks their
> projects, they would also see what people are saying about that project, and
> in turn help to create better applications. dev.laptop.org also looks like
> it has a post thing, so it would probably be easy to integrate. Again, my
> project is still in the making, so please email me with suggestions. Thanks!
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