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> Hi everyone!

Hi, Mia.

> My name is Mia and I am a "mini-intern" for ILXO. Next year I will be
> in 7th grade.

Would you like to come to PyCon next year to show the grown-ups how to
use an XO?

>Mel Chua asked me to write a set of instructions for
> reviewing I have attached a link for a
> draft of these instructions

I think you have the makings of a tech writer (my day job) if you
would be interested. If so, you would be welcome to help on the OLPC

I found just a few copy edits (typos, usage), and one question. (Below)

> and I am hoping that you guys could give
> me some feedback.

You say to change the status of the projects to Pending, and write
e-mails to the proposers explaining the status and giving feedback.
Should they go to anybody else?

I don't see any projects to look at so that I could compare your
instructions with the task. The Project Database link takes me back to
the Information page. Did I miss something, or is the site not yet

> Thanks!

A pleasure.

> Mia
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