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Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Thu Jul 17 13:36:55 EDT 2008

Hi Paul,

Sorry about the subject screw up. That's twice in two days :-(

I know that downgrade is hard. The great thing is that the XO supports 
that very elegantly right now!

I don't want to lose that.

It saved me once when I upgraded to joyride image without a developer 
key (doh!) and was locked out.


Greg S

greg wrote:
  > Hi Martin,
  > We need keep that capability of upgrade from anywhere to anywhere if at
  > all possible! That is a huge benefit for our customers and for our
  > managing the scope of testing.
  > Even if we can just keep that from any 70x forward it will be a big 
  > I know we hope 8.2.0 is rock solid but it may not be so we need an
  > option to downgrade safely.

downgrade is _very_ difficult to get right.  it's a worthy goal,
but given our testing resources, and the natural concentration of
both developers and testers on the upgrade scenario, i wouldn't
promise downgrade.  (and from what cscott has said to me every time
i mutter under my breath about upgrade oddness, i'm under the
impression that the "boot to previous version" is really only
a failsafe mechanism to keep the box running until your upgrade
is successful, and isn't intended as a true "downgrade".  correct
me if i'm wrong, scott.)


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