New joyride build 2172

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Wed Jul 16 20:39:02 EDT 2008

Changes in build 2172 from build: 2171

Size delta: -4.85M

+ntp-ntpdate 4.2.4p4-1.olpc3
-gnome-vfs2 2.22.0-1.fc9
+gnome-vfs2 2.22.0-1.olpc3
-rsync 3.0.2-0.fc9
+rsync 3.0.3-0.fc9
-totem-pl-parser 2.23.2-1.olpc3
+totem-pl-parser 2.23.2-2.olpc3
-ntp 4.2.4p4-6.fc9
-PolicyKit-gnome 0.8-4.fc9
-PolicyKit-gnome-libs 0.8-4.fc9
-evolution-data-server 2.22.3-1.fc9
-gnome-mount 0.8-1.fc9
-hunspell-en 0.20080207-1.fc9
-libnotify 0.4.4-10.fc9
-libsexy 0.1.11-7.fc9
-notification-daemon 0.3.7-9.fc9

--- Included ntp-ntpdate version 4.2.4p4-1.olpc3 ---

--- Changes for gnome-vfs2 2.22.0-1.olpc3 from 2.22.0-1.fc9 ---
  + Remove optional dependency on gnome-mount

--- Changes for rsync 3.0.3-0.fc9 from 3.0.2-0.fc9 ---
  + New upstream release

--- Changes for totem-pl-parser 2.23.2-2.olpc3 from 2.23.2-1.olpc3 ---
  + Cripple date parsing functionality to remove dependency on libcamel

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