How to improve the state of the touchpad for August.

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Tue Jul 15 08:03:22 EDT 2008

Hi Michael,

Can we add this to the agenda for todays 8.2.0 meeting?

I want to talk about how we confirm the touchpad will be improved in 
8.2.0 more than reviewing the specific bugs. I made a quick scan through 
the bug list but its not clear to me which will improve the user 
experience and which wont.


Greg S

Michael Stone wrote:
> Greg,
> Touchpad bug summary, as of May:
> Suggestions:
>  * There's no release contract material ready here yet -- people are
>    optimistic that they will be able to improve the user experience of
>    the touchpad but no one wants to be pinned down to say that they can
>    'fix' the issue, particularly given that there are likely hardware
>    bugs which cannot be fixed or fully avoided.
>  * Deepak, Andres, and Richard are the current people responsible for
>    generating changes that attempt to fix touchpad bugs.
>  * I am very happy to include changes which fix touchpad bugs in
>    existing release contracts like the "Kernel Refresh" contract.
>  * I suggest that you triage some of the touchpad bugs described above
>    (perhaps as blockers for the release?) if you want to give better
>    visibility into their state. Alternately, we can update my email from
>    may with new status on all the bugs.
> Michael

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