[sugar] Activity versioning schema

C. Scott Ananian cscott at laptop.org
Tue Jul 15 14:57:13 EDT 2008

2008/7/15 Jameson Chema Quinn <jquinn at cs.oberlin.edu>:
> If you have a better idea of how Glucose should handle these issues, please
> share it. Simplifying assumptions are good, even if they're not 100% valid.

Versions in activity.info files are either plain integers, or
RPM-standard version strings, with no pretense that these correspond
in any way to sugar major releases or anything at all, except that
they are ordered: if the activity updater sees that you have version
N, and there is a version M announced[*] as compatible with your build
where M > N, then it will suggest that you upgrade to M.  All other
meanings are encoded with other mechanisms.

[*] Announced means either published at the update_url specified in
your activity.info (working today), or broadcast on the network from
your friend or the school server or by some other mechanism (someday).

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