Info on Deployed XOs

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Tue Jul 15 14:42:18 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,

I'm working the manufacturing side and the human side. Just wanted to 
know if we have any data coming from pings.

Even if I know how many XOs are on the internet that would be useful 
data. Give me what you have or let me know where to find it.


Greg S

BTW spell check changed occasionally to unsocially in my last post, 
sorry. Nothing unsocial about it IMHO

Richard A. Smith wrote:
> John Watlington wrote:
>> No granularity loss due to NATs
>> The problem with using this info is that it only measures
>> laptops with Internet connectivity, a decreasing minority.
>> Theoretically, we have the mapping from serial number
>> to deployment.
> Not so much.  Quanta does not push the SKU to the mfgdata server. So we 
> have a sort of mapping.  Glad you reminded me. Thats on my list to get 
> quanta to change.

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