New joyride build 2163

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Tue Jul 15 08:44:45 EDT 2008

Changes in build 2163 from build: 2162

Size delta: 0.00M

-bootfw q2e10-1.olpc3.unsigned
+bootfw q2e11-1.olpc2.unsigned

--- Changes for bootfw q2e11-1.olpc2.unsigned from q2e10-1.olpc3.unsigned ---
  + q2e11 this is an unsigned image
  + Add new board ID with future placeholders
  + Allow ofw to disable battery charging system
  + Incorporate OFW2 modifications
  + trac #7399 - fixed "test /nandflash::fixbbt" command.
  + trac #7180 - new boot animation frames (background is white not gray) to match the new UI design.
  + trac #7141 - improved error messages for secure FS update.
  + SD driver - Increased data timeout to the max value, since some cards timeout with lesser values.
  + camera selftest - display the camera image expanded to fill the screen.  In the movie mode, mirror image the display and automatically adjust the brighness according to the ambient conditions.

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